Rocky Access Form

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About the Rocky Access Form

The Rocky Access Form is required to gain access to the Rocky Compute or the Quarrel Storage Cluster.

The form can be accessed at the following location:

Rocky Access Form's Fields


Please provide your full name.


Your email address is how we'll contact you.


If you are affiliated with University of Tennessee - Knoxville, please enter your NetID.

You can find more information about UTK NetID at:

Association (Lab, Dept, etc)

Your primary association for access to Rocky. Secondary associations may be listed in the Additional Notes field.

A primary association would be the name of the lab, department, center, or faculty with which you are working. If you are undergrad you might put the department of the class or major. If access is for general usage at the university and none of these fit you should enter UTK.

Access Requested

If you are going to run programs on the cluster processors then check Compute.

If you need to store or access data (beyond what is needed to run programs), check Storage.

Storage Requirements

A general assessment of how much space you will require. If you only need enough space for your programs and libraries and not any data of significance this can be answered as nominal

Memory Requirement

A general assessment of how much RAM you will require.

Check all technologies with which you are familiar

Please check all technologies with which you have experience.


If you are using compute, list the software/languages you will be using. If you intend to use something uncommon, please provide links to the software.

This information is used to provide assistance using the Environmental Modules (Lmod).

Code Repository

Links to code repositories you'll be using. This information is used to help with troubleshooting if needed.

SSH Public Key

Rocky uses Public Key Authentication for access instead of passwords. We will need your public key only. Keep your private key safe.

Take a few moments to review the pages listed below on connecting to Rocky. Each page has a section on generating the key pair needed for Rocky Access.

Rocky_Access_SSH Linux or Mac
Rocky_Access_Windows Windows

Additional Notes

Any additional notes you would like to provide.